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Most people say they want more Financial Freedom, more Time Freedom, and Better Health, but become skeptical when the Opportunity is right in front of them ….WHY?

“You’ve heard it all before?”

Oh, Really? Will that be your excuse for NOT having what you want ONE, FIVE, or TEN YEARS from now?

That was MY INITIAL EXCUSE for not looking into USANA Health Sciences, that and “I just didn’t believe it.” And, like thousands of others, thank goodness I got past my prejudice! Because, NOW I’m enjoying the benefits of TRUE HEALTH and TRUE WEALTH, and passing them along to those who are OPEN!

Making USANA Health Sciences an ideal opportunity for you to help others, along with yourself!

I invite you to look closer, because I believe ….YOUR SOLUTION IS HERE!

I would love to assist you with the USANA Health Sciences benefits, should YOU choose THIS PATH to SUCCESS!

My name is Ladd McNamara, M.D. I was raised in San Diego, California, where I currently live. I practiced as a board certified obstetrician-gynecologist (Ob/Gyn) in Atlanta. I kept myself busy seeing patients and performing surgeries all day and delivering babies both day and night. Many weekends and holidays were spent in the hospital’s Labor & Delivery unit. The lack of sleep was bad enough; however, with “the insurance squeeze” the business of medicine became a complete nightmare. The ever-increasing rise of insurance premiums and overhead costs combined with lower reimbursements for patient visits and procedures made it near impossible to run a profitable practice.

Brandon & Dr. Ladd McNamara

I was becoming sick of having less time with each patient, being “told” by insurance companies what I could or could not do for my patients, and then having to fight for reimbursements due me. This was not why I went into medicine! In the hospital many of us doctors semi-joked about how we should have chosen a different career, and wished we could retire early. Some of the slightly older doctors did retire early, …but us younger ones? What were we going to do for the next 20 years…. flip burgers?

Fortunately, I was able to retire from the practice of medicine at a fairly young age in December 2003, and move back to La Jolla (San Diego), California, in October 2004. Rather than being confined to a medical office, I was living (and working my USANA Health Sciences business) on beach-front property, with a 180 degree view of the blue Pacific ocean, and enjoying gorgeous yellow-orange sunsets almost every evening. What a difference in my life, that came about by being open to possibilities!

Yes, in Atlanta, I already had a large house, drove a Lexus, played on the lakes with boats, Wave Runners, and had other toys that money could buy, but I didn’t have Time Freedom. I had 3 weeks vacation each year, but paid for it dearly by spending so many weekends and holidays in Labor & Delivery the other 49 weeks. Worst of all, I never realized that I had no RESIDUAL, LEVERAGED INCOME with my medical practice.

The Beach Across from Home. Photo Taken from “the Bench.”

Working my USANA Health Sciences business and back home in San Diego I was now creating a residual, leveraged income. And each time I stepped out the house, I was literally on the walkway of the beach, taking in some of the best views in the world, ...and this was my “work environment!”

Rather than getting into the morning rush hour traffic, I could now stroll along the beach sidewalk, watch the seals, and enjoy the ocean air. (I now get on the roads after rush hour, not during it!)

 Dr. Ladd McNamara & Julianne

With my new-found TIME FREEDOM, I could work on my terms. I would sit on the bench and watch the waves (when I wasn’t surfing them), and make calls to people interested in joining my USANA Health Sciences team, …calling regular people, finding out what THEY WANTED …finding out whether THEY WANTED MORE TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM in their lives as well. This business, USANA Health Sciences, is NOT just about “getting yours,” it’s about assisting others who want to learn how to create a better life, people who truly desire both Health and Wealth.

With Time Freedom, I am able to create my schedule and work my USANA Health Sciences business from anywhere. This business is portable. All I need is a phone, and sometimes an Internet connection, and I’m in business! Also, my business is built by meeting people wherever I travel who are looking for what USANA Health Sciences has to offer. This is truly a people-oriented business: a business of making other people’s lives better!

Michael, Brandon, Julianne, David, &
Dr. Ladd McNamara

I love being with my children, as shown here when we spent the Fourth of July at Nags Head; part of the “Outer Banks,” North Carolina. We also travel on USANA Cruises and enjoy a lifestyle that was not possible before. I am teaching my children (now that two of them are over 18 years old) about the benefits of building a USANA Health Science business while young in order to optimize residual, leveraged income. Obviously, the older boys have already started their businesses, and all my children are on the Nutritional Supplements to help maintain their health. If you knew what I know as a doctor about the USANA Health Supplements, you would NEVER go a day without the benefits of being on these products. I feel the same about the USANA business.

Other than coming back to San Diego and my family, there were two things that caused me to retire early from the practice of medicine:

The incredible frustrations that most doctors experience of rising expenses (including insurance rates) and declining insurance reimbursements, causing doctors to work harder for less income. It got so bad, it was no longer worth my effort and loss of income to continue to practice medicine.
On the bright side: After being introduced to USANA Health Sciences, Inc., a publicly-traded, world-renowned company that manufactures and distributes science-based, quality nutritional supplements and personal care products through network marketing, I experienced astounding health changes among my family, friends, and patients. The bottom line: USANA health products worked! I also saw the USANA opportunity offered me a way to create leveraged, residual income! A way out….that actually changed people’s lives!
Dr. Myron Wentz, Founder
USANA Health Sciences, Inc

As a medical doctor, I had never considered network marketing. I was skeptical of the industry; mostly because I was never educated about it. And, why would I retire from medicine, and go full-time into network marketing, and seemingly “waste” 12 years of higher education and a medical degree, as well as my reputation? One answer: because USANA WORKED! It changed lives; the founder, Dr. Wentz was the real deal, and the compensation plan was fair to everyone, no matter when they joined!

Network marketing, as USANA Health Sciences structured it, was the best business model I had ever seen; with products that helped maintain health (an area I am passionate about), and provided the products at the highest quality and best value; and USANA Health Sciences literally gave everyone an equal opportunity for success! What was left for me to decide?

Ladd McNamara, M.D.

So, Dr. Ladd McNamara went from being a VERY SKEPTICAL medical doctor about the benefits of nutritional supplements and the credibility of network marketing to having his biased and “uneducated” beliefs against supplementation and the industry changed based upon both EXPERIENCE and a little EDUCATION!

Those who have experienced “USANA Health,” and know me, Dr. Ladd McNamara, know that I have not “wasted” my medical education or reputation. Thousands upon thousands of doctors and other health professionals, along with millions of others are turning to network marketing as the answer to their financial woes.

I truly enjoyed interacting with patients, delivering babies, and performing surgery. I enjoyed helping people, and ridding them of disease. However, rather than treating diseases locally in Atlanta as a practicing medical doctor, I am now building a global business which is about teaching others how to live healthier lives; including how to help maintain health using the safe and high potency, broad-spectrum USANA Health Sciences Nutritional Supplements.

Dr. Ladd McNamara and
Team Members

I have personally carried the message and vision of Dr. Wentz, to rid the world of chronic disease, and the benefits of the USANA Nutritional Supplements across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, and spoken to tens of thousands of people. I have encouraged people to use the supplements, and received feedback that continues to astound me. I have continued to build my business without hesitation, …the business of spreading True Health, and helped others to do the same!

Ladd McNamara, M.D.

I went into medicine to help improve other people’s lives. My purpose in building a USANA Health Sciences business is no different; not only regarding health, but also financially. People are stressed and becoming ill from their financial situations, and I am able to help them in both areas. I take as much pride in helping others overcome their financial challenges as I do in helping them maintain their health. Either way, the business is about improving the quality of people’s lives as you improve your own.

I am looking for leaders who are responsible, confident, motivated, eager to learn, success-oriented, and care about others just as much as they do about earning money.

Dr. Ladd McNamara and Team Members

My team is on the move, and we want everyone to succeed in all areas of their lives. As we build from all parts of the world, we get to meet at both regional conferences and at the Annual International Convention where we celebrate our friendships and each other’s accomplishments, as well as advancements.

Yes, we want to make money; anyone in business should. We work hard for what we earn; AND it is all worth it! We hope you would want to learn how to build a USANA business; to create a leveraged, residual income, to maintain good health, to build a team of associates and service your customers, all with a common goal of improving other’s lives as you improve your own. .

As mentioned, with USANA Health Sciences you have the potential to create a LEVERAGED, RESIDUAL INCOME, which is the most POWERFUL way to create lasting wealth; something that is not typically done with a job.

If you would like to LEARN HOW to create a LEVERAGED, RESIDUAL INCOME, I would like to work with you so that YOU can start taking the necessary steps immediately!

Bud & Bunny Barth, Dr. Ladd McNamara

I invite you to watch the videos on this site, and consider taking my webtour on one of my other websites. I encourage you to Contact Me, Dr. Ladd McNamara, so that you and I can discuss what more you need to learn to get started on your path to SUCCESS.

I invite you to see the Difference, to see True Health, True Wealth! To see USANA Health & Freedom!

Thank you, I look forward to talking with you soon.

Ladd McNamara, M.D.
Emerald Director
Million Dollar Club Member
Platinum Pacesetter

Dr. Ladd McNamara Million Dollar Star

Dr. Ladd McNamara earns his way into the prestigious Million Dollar Club, and receives his "Star," which sits permanently near the front door of USANA Health Sciences' World Headquarters."

See Also Dr. Ladd McNamara's Product-Oriented Website, for information on USANA's Nutritional Supplementation, Weight Management, and Non-Toxic Skin Care Products, at www.customer.usana.com

USANA Health Sciences is known for manufacturing the highest quality products backed by a potency guarantee. To ensure you and your family are receiving genuine world-class USANA products, purchase them only through your independent USANA Associate or www.usana.com.
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